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Slot Drain Designs For Trough Sinks

The latest in contemporary sink design invariably includes creative drain systems. Leading the pack in functionality and stylish design are Slot Drain Sinks. The idea of locating the drain outlet out of sight, enhances the sleek, clean, minimalist look of the sink.

Linear Slot Drain Sinks

The first thing about  slot drain sinks is the fact that the water can’t be stopped, or plugged, so if you ever have a need to “fill up the bowl”, slot drains are not the way to go. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Often the trough sinks made from solid surface materials such as marble,quartz or granite are constructed using flat parts, glued or seamed together, with a stainless drain system attached to the bottom. While these are functional,they involve a lot of glued parts that can collect bacteria, break down or leak over time. Once this starts, they are very difficult to properly repair.

Some manufacturers will cover the slot with a long decorative stainless strainer. The biggest disadvantage we see with this system is not what you see, but whats hidden under the strip. The cleaners then, can avoid the traditionally most filthy area of the sink. What is out of site is out of mind. In a well used public washroom, it’s another moving part that can easily disappear.

Some fabricators will cast a very thin, open slot along the bottom of the back wall of the sink basin. While this look is really cool, they are almost impossible to properly clean and virtually impossible to extract a ring or other jewellery which will inevitably make it’s way into the drain system.

At EverGreen, our slot drain sinks are made in one piece, and the slot drain system is part of the casting. Our most popular system involves a 1″ slot that runs the length of the trough. The actual drain outlets, which can be located anywhere along the slot, are hidden along the front wall and protected by a cast-in stainless strainer. So it appears to the user, standing at the front of the sink, that there is no drain outlet at all. Other than the simplicity of it, one of the biggest advantages of this system is the ease of cleaning. A quick swipe of a cleaning brush along the trough and it’s done.

ADA Sink Compliance   

Unique Designs for Concrete Sink Applications

If you are truly looking for something different, you should take a closer look at what we can do.  We specialize in designing and manufacturing Unique Concrete Sinks for any application, commercial or residential.

Unique Concrete Sinks-White Double Eclipse

14 reasons to select an EverGreen Sink

Our infinite selection of colours and textures , combined with the ability to integrate our many sink styles and counter tops as one piece make each  creation truly unique.  Our sinks are specially designed and formed to exactly fit your space, whether it’s for an existing or new vanity or even suspended from the wall.  We also make custom sink shapes for unique spaces  or styles.  

Technological Trends in Decorative Concrete

When you think of advances in new technology,  “concrete” is not  really a subject  that that you would immediately think of.   But in fact decorative concrete has come a long way since Frank Lloyd Wright used it as a key design element in the many homes he designed over 100 years ago.

Decorative Concrete Sink Fabrication

Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC),  and High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites (HPFRCC), provide superior tensile and compressive strength over traditional concrete mixtures,  and have the unique ability to flex and self-strengthen before fracturing. Typically used for structural applications  in the construction industry, the same techniques are now being applied to wall panels, countertops, sinks, furniture and other design elements.

Weight and Time New mix designs using polymers, glass fibers and specialized aggregates and admixtures eliminate the need for traditional steel reinforcement, and allow much thinner, lighter and stronger products than traditional wet-cast techniques.  In many applications, the material can be de-molded in a matter of hours and reach a high-early strength  in a very short period of time.

Concrete Sealers, typically have been the achilles heel for decorative concrete applications have made huge strides in the last few years.  Superior stain and scratch resistance, water repellency and color enhancement, coupled with a variety of polished finish levels have eliminated many of the traditional  knocks against decorative concrete projects.

What should it look like?  Most competent fabricators these days can make concrete look like anything they want, ranging from a clean solid color finish to wood, terrazzo, granite, marble,  glass inlays etc.  While these look-alikes are still popular, many architects and designers have come full circle and are opting for the more traditional industrial, minimalist, grey concrete look, coming full circle back to where it all started.