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14 Reasons to Consider Commercial Trough Sinks from EverGreen


Commercial Trough SInks

14 Reasons to Consider Commercial Trough Sinks from Evergreen

  • Simple, unique and elegant designs are pleasing to the eye and become a focal point.
  • Durable construction and finishes are designed to stand up to heavy use applications.
  • Trough sinks prevent unsightly and unhygienic standing water from accumulating on counter space between sinks.
  • The elimination of counter space between sinks creates the opportunity to incorporate more faucet stations in a set area. (wall mount or deck mount)
  • One piece designs eliminate caulking joints and seams around drop-in type sink basins which can accumulate mold and bacteria.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Most Profiles are ADA compliant, barrier-free (wheel chair accessible) applications.
  • They can be easily suspended from the wall.
  • Drain Outlets can be located anywhere along the drain channel
  • Can be configured for wall or deck-mount faucets
  • Sink depths from 3″ to 6″ (at the drain)
  • Each sink is custom built to fit exact space requirements.  All dimensions are changeable to meet any design specification.
  • Installation is extremely simple.
  • A variety of trough styles and drain designs to choose from.

ADA Sink Compliance